Julian Edelman

I only know one way to achieve success. You have to earn it.

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If you put in the time, you’ll see the rewards.

Undermining Undersized

Julian Edelman is an NFL wide receiver for the New England Patriots. Known for his incredible versatility on the field and electric short-area quickness, he’s also notorious for his punt returns and his taste in burgers.

I take advice from everyone. Everyone has something to offer – it’s so important to listen.

Humble Beginnings

My first job was driving cars for my father's auto repair shop. He is a picture of the American Dream. He works hard every day to build a better life for his family. I try to have his work ethic in the gym, at practice and on the field.

When you're an undersized receiver, craftsmanship is everything. Gotta focus on footwork, run clean routes and have great hands.

In The Details


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