Matthias Hollwich - Style & Substance

Matthias Hollwich

My greatest indulgence is the creation of architecture.

Matthias is Co-Founder of Architizer, the largest social media platform for architecture, a collaborative creation with his business partner, Marc Kushner. In addition, he is a Principal Architect at HWKN and a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Signature Style

I like to think that I have my own personal sense of style. There is a history of architects that were known for their iconic fashion choices: like Frank Lloyd Wright’s capes, Le Corbusier’s bow-ties, and Philip Johnson’s round glasses. I don’t copy their specific styles, but I appreciate the iconography and consistency.

Most important for me is creating a project that is relevant for the client, the users, the neighbors, and above that, a project that inspires people and finds its place in the world of innovations.

In architecture, craftsmanship is everything. In the end this is also true in the fabrication industry. All of our buildings are built by people, even down to individual tasks like pouring concrete, it is all about craftsmanship. The question is how far can it be elevated. We are very interested in directing the energy to where it is most important.

On Site

Fire Island, NY

Fleetwood Lace Boot