Vincent Piazza

Acting was a decision that came late to me. A dear friend always urged me to pursue acting and in life it felt like idle chatter, but in his sudden passing, it felt like a calling.

Queens: Born and Raised

Born and raised in Queens, Piazza is an American film, television and stage actor best known for his role as "Lucky Luciano" on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Nominated for a 2013 SAG Award for Best Ensemble Cast, Piazza also has a couple feature films slated for release this year.

Success to me is being healthy and being truthful.

I think focus needs to shift to do anything well. And both big picture and details are necessary but both come with different anxieties.

The funny thing about inspiration is that its mercurial, at least to me anyway. Each role or project for me seems to spring from a different place, sometimes within me, sometimes around me. More often than not its something that presents itself to me.

On the Ice

Queens, New York

Suede Military Jacket