John Varvatos

Experience the Fashion Show Live from New York

For the first time in eight years, John Varvatos brings his celebrated fashion show back to New York City. After a series of exciting events in the first half of the year, such as a successful charity auction and the opening of the Detroit Store, the designer presents a fresh concept for spring 2016. Working new hues and tonal sensibilities into the classic JV palette, the collection is peppered with artisanal finishes and creative approaches to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Substance and elegance are underlined with the bold décor of the venue, which touts dandy stripes and suspended umbrellas as the backdrop of the presentation. Silhouettes are high impact, fabrics are luxurious, and the heritage element is ever present. Closing out the first ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s season, this fashion show plays testament to the designer’s keen ability to evolve and surprise his followers.