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Building on a legacy of against-the-grain style and unapologetic edge, John Varvatos utilized the Fall/Winter 2016 season to transform the way clothing is unveiled and understood, and to raise the question: Rock Is Dead? Rock extends beyond a genre or a moment and embodies a lifestyle unlike any other—but that way of life is threatened by a modern obsession with mass produced ideas and instant gratification. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection was shown via a “multi-media experience” rather than a traditional fashion show. The covetable collection for fall fully embodies the rebel spirit of this ground breaking experience. “It’s time to do something different—to cause disruption,” says the designer of this new show format. “People need to change their lives, their clothing… to stop committing to someone else’s uniform and lifestyle. With so much evolution around us, we need to create our own sense of being. Be rebellious. Be authentic. Walk to your own beat.”

As seen at the show

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